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The FPV Show hosts, GAPiT (Travis), Bluegrass.Multirotor (Rob) and Hyph (Adam) get together to talk about technology and trends in the FPV drone scene. Laughs, news, tips, freestyle & race reports, and FPV pilot & inventor interviews from around the exciting world of FPV drone flight. Be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. After that Taranis sound pack? Want to call in and leave us a voicemail? You can do so at 929-277-7985, or WAX-ASSS-YUK. Looking for the shop? Check out all of our fine goods here.


May 1, 2017

  • Welcome back to The FPV Show!
  • Special Guest Hyph trying out for Dirt's position
  • http://FPV.fmfor Shirts and Socks
  • Hyph runs UTTs and practices for team racing
  • Blue shows up to the Waterpark Race and confirms that he is indeed a moron
  • Gap can't stay out of Canada. Helicopters and snow, in blue jeans.
  • Video Spotlight: SiieeFPV - PIDs Simplified -
  • Understanding PIDs vs Tuning a quad
  • How do you work on becoming a better pilot?
  • Hyph - Focus on flying, not tricking.
  • Gap - Fly within your skill range. Slow down and fly more confidently.
  • Work in shorter sessions.
  • Practice smarter.
  • Focus on footage and take notes on where to improve
  • Hyph - "Don't abuse the simulator shortcomings."
  • Liftoff Simulator Update
  • Blue tests the Raceflight waters
  • Who's flying what? Betaflight, KISS, or Raceflight
  • KISS 24A ESC v1.08 self-immolation problem?
  • Lots of Voicemails
  • Kiddrone - Do you fly over water? How to prep for flying over water.
  • Knight Flyer - Should MGP Regional Qualifiers be standardized?
  • Botgrinder - How much of a difference is there between premium gear versus budget gear?
  • Thanks for stopping by Hyph!
  • Checkout the new 3" Volcor and 5-6" Le Hyphy frames at