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The FPV Show hosts, GAPiT (Travis), Bluegrass.Multirotor (Rob) and Hyph (Adam) get together to talk about technology and trends in the FPV drone scene. Laughs, news, tips, freestyle & race reports, and FPV pilot & inventor interviews from around the exciting world of FPV drone flight. Be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. After that Taranis sound pack? Want to call in and leave us a voicemail? You can do so at 929-277-7985, or WAX-ASSS-YUK. Looking for the shop? Check out all of our fine goods here.


Aug 14, 2017

This weeks episode is brought to you by China Hobby Line - Thank you to China Hobby Line for supporting The FPV Show!



4:15 GAPiT moto chase vid near miss

33:14 lizzy pumpkin muffin recipe:

1 box spice cake mix
1 can pumpkin

33:55 Joshua Bardwell parallel charging videos

36:28 pentagon gizmodo dooblidoo

38:16 ufl iflight vtx!detail


43:05 eachine firmware

44:57 Charpu

45:25 Barwell 32Khz vid

46:00 Ken Ny -

46:24 Stickman - The joys of tuning and manicure for the mollydooker

48:00 China Hobby Line -