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The FPV Show hosts, GAPiT (Travis), Bluegrass.Multirotor (Rob) and Hyph (Adam) get together to talk about technology and trends in the FPV drone scene. Laughs, news, tips, freestyle & race reports, and FPV pilot & inventor interviews from around the exciting world of FPV drone flight. Be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. After that Taranis sound pack? Want to call in and leave us a voicemail? You can do so at 929-277-7985, or WAX-ASSS-YUK. Looking for the shop? Check out all of our fine goods here.


Feb 26, 2017

  • How to find us online
  • How to use podcast apps
  • Bluegrass explains how he got stuck in a tree for 3 days
  • DirtDiver flies like John Snow
  • A_Nub has a new video from Dubai... and it's very very good
  • Do you hoard raw flight footage?
  • Use Gramblr, the desktop Instagram app
  • GAPiT gets a DRL Racer 3!
  • TBS Crossfire goes the distance
  • FRsky, do you get failsafes?
  • GAPiT wants a long-range 5" rig
  • Do you want new show jingles? Let us know your ideas!
  • Velocidrone sim is best sim
  • Does flying more packs in a day help more?
  • Charlie_FPV Needs More Subs!
  • Which goggle packs do you use?
  • GAPiT tells the tale of his LiPo head-fire
  • Q&A Time!
  • Call The HotLine Number! (929-277-7985)