Recorded: Sun 26 March 2017

Show Notes

  • FPVShow Shirts and socks now available!
  • Blue went Jousting with KISS and the guys discuss the consistency of KISS hardware.
  • KISS Android App + OTG "On The Go" cable
  • Dirt finally installed M9 gimbals while waiting on a new Chameleon rig after spending a week in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • GAPiT imposes new maiden video statutes while flying the new RotorX Atom V3.
  • SeanFPV flies the 6S 6" Beast
  • Voicemail: "What do you do when it rains?" - Voicemail number: (929)277-7985
  • Using silicone conformal coating to waterproof your quad. Tip: Plug in connectors (USB, etc) and avoid buttons and connectors
  • Essentials for travel:
  • ISDT charger
  • XT60 soldering iron, and XT60 hot glue gun.
  • USB power bank to charge GoPro and cell phone
  • XT60 to USB converter
  • Video Spotlight - DiegoFPV
  • Top vs Bottom mount battery discussion with special Guest HyphPV
  • Center of Gravity chit chat
  • Height of standoffs affects CoG, how tall are your builds?
  • Landing advantages between top vs bottom
  • Does Expo/SuperExpo make you a smoother pilot?
  • Antenna mounting approaches
  • Lightning Round Questions with HyphPV
  • Listener Questions
  • Best FPV Snacks?
  • Best way to introduce people to FPV?
  • Fireworks on quads?
  • Motor quality vs ESC quality: Which is more important?
  • Leave messages for The FPV Show on Facebook

EPISODE 6: HOME ALONE Sun 19 March 2017

With DirtDiver out of the country on 'business', GAP and Blue are left HOME ALONE to raid the FPV Food Pantry before special guest A_NUB joins to talk huge quads and ARC, but not before the boys troll themselves via John Mayer singalongs.


Bluegrass gets KISS'd, sacks are explored, leading to an inevitable discussion on the Pantaloon Method(TM). Then we talk timers, trucknuts and LARPing before we dive into a discussion on vendors followed by voicemail and some divisive Q&A.

EPISODE 4: THE DRONE BOYS Sun 05 March 2017

Gap, Blue and Dirt discuss camping, FatShark 18650 battery packs, LaForge vs True-D modules, Spektrum transmitters, and the FPVHQ Hyph giveaway game show special!

EPISODE 3: DRL RACER 3 HANDS ON Sun 26 February 2017

GAPiT gets a DLR Racer 3, Bluegrass is stuck in a tree for 3 days, DirtDiver flies like John Snow, Velocidrone sim review, A_Nub's new video rocks, and more!

EPISODE 2: SCULLY CAME TO VISIT Sun 19 February 2017

The legendary Joe Scully teaches us how to put on a race, GAPiT is a BetaFlight junky, we’re DRL sim sellouts, the Velocidrone sim, HQ and DAL Cyclone props, and the collegiate drone racing championship.

EPISODE 1: SIMS FOR DAYS Wed 08 February 2017

GAPiT flies 6S FPV, Dirt drones in Nashville, we discuss FPV sims, airmode vs idle-up, answer user questions, and a little taste of RaceFlight humor.