Released: Sun 07 May 2017

Show Notes

  • Dirt flies the Pink Pillbox on Oahu
  • GAPiT drinks the PT1 Koolaid.
  • What is PT1 and how do I turn it on?
  • set d_lowpass_type = PT1
  • save
  • Joshua Bardwell PT1 Tuning
  • Blue maidens his 225 into a creek.
  • Quad Pantry Giveaway Details!
  • "Why do you need this quad?" Let us know.
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  • House Ad - The FPVShow Store
  • Video Spotlight - RotorRiot "How Motors are Made"
  • Quick Topics - "If you were to build a rig for a friend getting into the hobby, what would you build them?"
  • Budget quad under $200?
  • Private Property Problems: People getting arrested? Blue held up at gunpoint.
  • New ThinkTank Session Bag
  • What GoPro settings do you use? GAPiT's GoPro Settings
  • Voicemails
  • Botgrinder - Do you ever just fly for fun?
  • Querk - Bottom mount battery CoG benefits?
  • Dr.SpinFPV - KISS is intimidating, any tips? fpv-chat.com #kiss-talk
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