Released: Sun 11 June 2017

Show Notes

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SNAKE slithers by to talk roadtrips, 60+ pack days and Aussie winters. But first, GAP gets cheeto dust on his sticks, Dirt fondles his motors and Blue does absolutely nothing.

  • 2:15 - Follow Up: Athleticism and FPV, KISS + Crossfire, and more FAA rumblings.
  • 12:45 - Quick Topics - KISS Turtle Mode, Frankfort, KY - City FPV league and location, and Drone Champions League in Paris
  • 20:55 - Video Spotlight - StarleperFPV
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  • 24:45 - Welcome SnakeFPV - Road Trippin' Down Under, Steele Motors Pros and Cons, Video styles, and other listener Q&A with Snake.
  • 69:30 Lightning Round!
  • 70:48 Voicemails
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