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Released: Mon 26 June 2017

Show Notes

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Tips, tricks and novelty check storage advice from special guest, Cain, AKA "Mad-Air". But first, Blue's brain hurts, Gap gets cyprus'd and Dirt gets called out for a bold drone political statement.

  • 2:40 Catching up with Blue's hurting brain, Gap finds his grove in LA, and Dirt defends his droning freedom.
  • 18:30 - Quick Topics - End of the road for F1 FCs, calibrating current sensors, custom Fatshark straps, and tree removal tips.
  • 31:45 - Video Spotlight - Gab707 - Flight log - Take me to the mountains and Dom Corledrone - Idle Up vs Airmode
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  • 41:30 - Welcome Mad-Air! - Nobody Likes Drones
  • 61:40 - Lightning Round with Mad-Air
  • 63:50 - Voicemails - Selling plasma for parts? Why are some people progressing faster? Would you fly if you couldn't upload any HD footage?
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