Released: Sun 09 July 2017

Show Notes

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Joshua Bardwell comes on the show to unload a mountain of knowledge on the boys. Trust us, you'll learn somethin'. But not before Dirt wins a bet about giveaways, and GAP tells the story of his long-lost LONG RANGE rig

  • Givaway portion of the show brought to you by Brain FPV
  • Bluegrass is AWOL, everybody call his personal cell phone
  • GAP and DIRT bet on Joshua’s questions [2:45]
  • MRM ‘Dead-Cat’ [9:30]
  • Tennis Ball Cannon [15:30]
  • GAP’s quad stuck video [18:00]
  • Brain FPV discount code: fpvshow [20:10]
  • THE BARDWELL joins us [24:00]
  • We finally understand Anti_Gravity [33:00]
  • We finally understand Airmode/Idleup [36:00]
  • Listener Questions! [53:00]
  • HYPE? [1:09:10]
  • Big motors worth chasing? [1:17:15]
  • LIGHTNING ROUND [1:32:00]
  • VOICEMAILS! [1:35:10]
  • BLOOPERS [1:46:45]
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