Released: Sun 23 July 2017

Show Notes

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Rotorious talks MultiGP, Gapit loses his damn mind in a screaming fit, voicemail giveaway, and 85deg is too hot for #snowflake Dirt

  • 1:15 - Catching Up - Gap mends broken legs, and Dirt swelters through the oppressive Oregon summer heat.
  • 12:20 - Follow Up - XSR-M 15x15 mounting holes, not 20x20. Telemetry can save your ass with GPS coordinates on a long range rig. BF 3.2, OSD requires 50% throttle, it isn't frozen.
  • 15:55 - Quick Topics - MGP Regional Finals, DRL Speed Record, and a new Shrike
  • 19:55 - Video Spotlight x2 - DiegoFPV Long Range & MILK
  • 25:00 - Voicemail Giveaway - Winners will receive a heartfelt phonecall this week.
  • 31:25 - Thank You China Hobby Line for sponsoring this episode of The FPV Show.
  • 32:45 - Welcome Rotorious! Regional Finals Video
  • 59:15 - Catalyst Machine Works - 15% OFF - the fpv show
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