Released: Sun 30 July 2017

Show Notes

This weeks episode is brought to you by China Hobby Line. Thank you to China Hobby Line for supporting The FPV Show!

DRL champ JET (Jordan Temkin) joins us to recount his second DRL victory, though mostly to hate on the chameleon frame. But not before Bluegrass's much anticipated homecoming, GAP gets a buddy into the hobby and Dirt puts on an FPV clinic for local RC enthusiasts.

  • 1:00 - Catching Up - Blue returns from his hermitage in the northwoods, Gap learns about cell phone frequencies and Fresnel zones, and Dirt goes to a local Fly In
  • 17:30 - Follow Up - Loose-Transistor - Dynamic Filtering - Applied to each axis, 20ms per cycle average, 333Hz update rate based on noise, and is applied before all other filters.
  • 25:00 - Blue's News:
  • Fake Triumph Antennas brought to you by Chief Crazy Pony, AXii Stub and u.fl antennas
  • Tattu R-Line v2 100c, Thunder Power 1300 also now 100c, PiroFlip new batteries are CNHL
  • Eachine Googles - $99 - FatShark competitor?
  • RK5046 Props - Less thirsty than 5051, same crane style.
  • Tattu 2305-2450 Motors, apparently have made their way to the US.
  • Emax RS2206-2850kv naked/pantsless motors.
  • TBS Micro Crossfire
  • 34:00 - Video Spotlight - GapIt's AirVuz Expose and Vinnufossen
  • 37:00 - Thank You China Hobby Line for sponsoring this episode of The FPV Show.
  • 38:10 - Welcome JET of ShowMeWhatYouGot - Two Time DRL World Champion!
  • 76:40 - Lightning Round
  • 79:00 - Voicemails
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