Released: Sun 06 August 2017

Show Notes

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Propmasterā„¢ Sage Thayer schools the guys on how he designed the 5051 and more. But not before Blue breaks everything within one pack, Dirt gets lost in inverted yaw tunnel vision and GapIt Hotdogs it up with BotGrinder

  • 0:20 - 'Write Our Intro' on Instagram - BrainFPV Giveaway Winners - Runner Up: PiMan, Winner: OxgonFPV
  • 6:00 - Catching Up - Blue breaks everything within 1 pack while Dirt gets lost in Inverted Yaw tunnel vision and GapIt flies with BotGrinder and HotDogFPV in Seattle.
  • 16:45 - Follow Up - TBS MicroCrossfire 100mW output.
  • 20:00 - Gap's Gripes: Mount your receiver antennas better!
  • 22:00 - Blue's News:
  • BF3.2 now in RC2, CLI DFU command has been changed to BL
  • RaceTek Silicon Graphene battery packs - 2400mah 4s HV weighs 200g
  • iFlight RevoBee F7 FC with floating gyro.
  • Brother Hobby Deadpool motors are shipping
  • ClearView TBS Race Edition - Includes 2x TBS patch antennas
  • 31:00 - Video Spotlight - MarkFPV
  • 33:00 - Thank You China Hobby Line for sponsoring this episode of The FPV Show.
  • 34:15 - Visit Blue at the Battle Track in Muncie at the MultiGP International Open Friday-Sunday. Special Edition Stickers + Bounty Contest - Details to come on Instagram
  • 36:45 - Welcome Sage Thayer
  • 63:15 - Lightning Round
  • 64:50 - Voicemails
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