Released: Sun 03 September 2017

Show Notes

This weeks episode is brought to you by the EMAX USA. Thank you to EMAX USA for the support and great products!

GrandWhooper™ Jesse Perkins stops by to talk TinyWhoop whimsy, but not before Blue finally gets a good receiver, Gap shepherds his own noob and Dirt flouts gravity with a his fanboat zeppelin.

  • 0:25 - Welcome Back everyone to Episode 30 of The FPVShow Podcast
  • 1:25 - Catching Up - Dirt shows up the other aviators with his Paramotor training with MidwestPPG, Gap begins to feel the pressure from his new Simmer buddy @handicaps_lock, and Blue finally sees the light of diversity modules RealAcc 5808 Diversity Module with the Achilles Firmware
  • 14:40 - Follow Up - iTunes Review from Mobile: Search for The FPVShow, click the Reviews tab, and leave a review. Thank you @FrankDubbs_FPV for the insight!
  • FatShark Auto-Record DVR update: Contact FatShark Customer Support and request your goggle model DVR firmware upgrade file.
  • 19:10 - Blue's News:
  • HypeTrain motors now back in stock.
  • New Emax motors??
  • Matek VTX with SmartAudio. Clone or competitor?
  • New Goggles:
  • Kaptain G
  • TopSky Goggles
  • Calling all team pilots, manufacturers, and vendors, got a new product in the pipeline? Got something new and unique? Drop us a line and we may feature it in a future Blue's News segment!
  • 27:15 - Video Spotlight - Snake & Webb HQ Prop Review
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  • 30:00 - Welcome Jesse Perkins!
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  • 32:30 - Listener Questions
  • 66:00 - Lightning Round
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