Released: Sun 17 September 2017

Show Notes

This weeks episode is brought to you by the EMAX USA. Thank you to EMAX USA for the support and great products!

Before defending the FPVShow from a foreign invader (SPUN Podcast's Joshua Kidder), Dirt relearns the valuable lesson of removing props before garage testing, Gap gets back to the bench to test new gear, and Blue continues to feel out his 4 inch.

  • 0:20 - Welcome Back everyone to Episode 32 of The FPVShow Podcast.
  • 2:15 - Catching Up - Dirt tests his new Airhog in the garage, Gap gets testy with new builds and Turtle Mode, and Blue sheds the grams on his 4".
  • 13:20 - Follow Up - Gap gets to the bottom of his video gremlins
  • Tiffany L. wins FPV Wife of the Year award: Axion FPV
  • Featherlight stack dimensions are set to 20mm.
  • 18:52 - Blue's News
  • DAL Cyclone 5051c Propeller
  • Betaflight 3.2 RC5 out now
  • TBS Cloverleaf u.fl antenna
  • Lowepro 3 Quad + Laptop Backpack
  • #GoggleGate
  • Calling all team pilots, manufacturers, and vendors, got a new product in the pipeline? Got something new and unique? Drop us a line and we may feature it in a future Blue's News segment!
  • 29:30 - Video Spotlight -
  • MarcFPV
  • GlitchyFPV
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  • 32:40 - Welcome Joshua Kidder, co-host of SPUN Podcast
  • 35:00 - Listener Questions
  • 56:00 - Lightning Round
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  • And thank you Joshua Kidder for joining us! See y'all next week!