Released: Sun 29 October 2017

Show Notes

This weeks episode is brought to you by the EMAX USA. Thank you to EMAX USA for the support and great products!

Cemetery-Pilot BOTGRINDER checks one off the bucket list by joining us for EP.38. We talk tattoos, quads and analog clock farts. But not before Dirt finishes the Steeze, GAP has a big day and Blue actually shows up.

  • 1.49 Catch Up
  • Dirts Steez weighs 563g
  • 13.20 Follow Up
  • NW Nerd Podcast with GAP
  • Calling all team pilots, manufacturers, and vendors, got a new product in the pipeline? Got something new and unique? Drop us a line and we may feature it in a future Blue's News segment!
  • 22.53 Video Spotlight
  • 26.35 Botgrinder
  • 57.42 Voicemail
  • 1.19.31 Lightning Round
  • 1.24.20 Would You Rather
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