Released: Sun 05 March 2017

Show Notes

  • Givaway portion of the show brought to you by FPVHQ
  • How to find us at fpv.fm
  • FPV Headquarters Giveaway
  • Special guest segment
  • GAPiT goes camping
  • Dirt gets road rash
  • Blue sucks at racing, still
  • Follow Up, 11:00
  • Velocidrone is adding in-game voice chat
  • Twitch auto-deletes "Dancing Lessons" by A_Nub
  • Dirt got 18650 FatShark pack, Furious FPV has similar battery pack coming soon
  • Gear Talk, 17:00
  • LaForge vs Furious diversity modules?
  • Transmitters: Spektrum vs FrSky in the wild
  • Video Highlight, 26:50: FPV and Guns
  • Welcome Hyph, our special guest!, 31:30
  • FPVHeadquarters.com Giveaway
  • The winner is SoloFPV!, he entered by following Instagram thefpvshow
  • Check out HyphyMultirotors.com
  • Voicemail, 48:00
  • Q and A, 50:30
  • For someone new to soldering, what would you recommend they practice on?
  • Do quads get struck by lightning?
  • Are there any destination countries you’d like to rip?
  • Minimum frame thickness?
  • Why do I always land upside down?
  • FB Question: Tyler K, "Why do people put FPV in their callsign?"