Released: Sun 12 November 2017

Show Notes

This weeks episode is brought to you by the EMAX USA. Thank you to EMAX USA for the support and great products!

The boys blast through an entire fever (you'll get it) of voicemails, covering all sorts of topics and several continents! Two new giveaways, pay attention to insta! We also introduce a new segment called: Lightning Round with Random Slacker, it goes as expected.

  • 1:40 Catch Up
  • 23:11 Gap's Gripes
  • 23:30 Follow Up
  • The FPV Show YouTube
  • 28:12 Blue's News
  • Clearview FatShark Module
  • Achilles Plus
  • Calling all team pilots, manufacturers, and vendors, got a new product in the pipeline? Got something new and unique? Drop us a line and we may feature it in a future Blue's News segment!
  • 36:15 Video Spotlight
  • TinyWhoop After Dark
  • MinChan LOS
  • 41:24 Lightning Round
  • 46:36 Voicemails
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