Released: Sun 26 March 2017

Show Notes

  • FPVShow Shirts and socks now available!
  • Blue went Jousting with KISS and the guys discuss the consistency of KISS hardware.
  • KISS Android App + OTG "On The Go" cable
  • Dirt finally installed M9 gimbals while waiting on a new Chameleon rig after spending a week in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • GAPiT imposes new maiden video statutes while flying the new RotorX Atom V3.
  • SeanFPV flies the 6S 6" Beast
  • Voicemail: "What do you do when it rains?" - Voicemail number: (929)277-7985
  • Using silicone conformal coating to waterproof your quad. Tip: Plug in connectors (USB, etc) and avoid buttons and connectors
  • Essentials for travel:
  • ISDT charger
  • XT60 soldering iron, and XT60 hot glue gun.
  • USB power bank to charge GoPro and cell phone
  • XT60 to USB converter
  • Video Spotlight - DiegoFPV
  • Top vs Bottom mount battery discussion with special Guest HyphPV
  • Center of Gravity chit chat
  • Height of standoffs affects CoG, how tall are your builds?
  • Landing advantages between top vs bottom
  • Does Expo/SuperExpo make you a smoother pilot?
  • Antenna mounting approaches
  • Lightning Round Questions with HyphPV
  • Listener Questions
  • Best FPV Snacks?
  • Best way to introduce people to FPV?
  • Fireworks on quads?
  • Motor quality vs ESC quality: Which is more important?
  • Leave messages for The FPV Show on Facebook